Common Post Season AC Repairs

September 30, 2016

By now, your AC has been working its hardest for over three months. It’s not uncommon for it to need repair at this point, especially if your equipment is over seven years old, poorly maintained or improperly sized for your home's cooling needs. Some typical post season AC problems include:

What Size HVAC Unit Is Right for Me?

August 16, 2016

When it comes to HVAC equipment, bigger isn't always better. You’ll see the best results, longest life and most energy efficiency from a system that's designed for the space you want to cool and heat. A knowledgeable ARS® HVAC technician can help you identify the best fit for your home and budget, but here are just a few of the factors that he or she will consider when making that recommendation:


Plumbing Horror Stories III

October 24, 2016

Days are growing darker. Leaves are falling. Pumpkins are popping up on every doorstep. You know what that means: it’s time for spine-tingling tales of PLUMBING NIGHTMARES!

What Does "Up to Code" Mean?

October 7, 2016

Building codes can be confusing. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about building codes, and how they may affect your plumbing project.

Handy Dandy Tips

Flood Safety 101

August 25, 2016

Floods are the number 1 natural disaster in the United States, claiming approximately 200 lives per year ( Below are some essential tips to remember if there is ever a flood warning, flash flood watch, or flood advisory in your area.

INFOGRAPHIC - How to Identify and Prevent Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

July 19, 2016

We all love summer, but sometimes, the smoldering temperatures can be unbearable. Extreme heat can be dangerous and harmful to the human body. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are very serious illnesses that can occur if the body can’t cool off by sweating and can sometimes result in death. It’s important to be aware of causing factors, the symptoms, prevention, and what to do for heat related illnesses.

Dandy’s Dispatch

ARS Celebrates 10 Years

October 21, 2016

For 10 years, American Residental Services has been working hard to serve customers all over the country. Since October 2006, the company has more than doubled revenue, made over 30 aquisitions, and grown their employee base over 70%. These results are a testament to the ARS team and all of their hard work.

We are ARS Week 2016

October 17, 2016

Every year, American Residential Services sets aside a period of time to celebrate ARS through activities and events in each of the service centers throughout the country. This year, ARS celebrated 10 years of serving customers, so the festivities were better than ever.